Thursday, September 6, 2012

Curiosity Killed the Manc***

As some of you already know, I work at Carlsbad Premium Outlets selling mobile phone accessories from a kiosk. On this particular day, I opened up my Grindr and started conversing with a guy who had no picture nor any information about his physique. You can't see the early dialogue, but he mentioned that he sees me all the time walking past me and the kiosk. Granted, I see several guys passing by but I think nothing of them.  This suitor even confirmed about the apparel I was wearing (the brown shorts and purple singlet top) and it made me feel more like a stalk victim than a potential mate. Of course, he ends it by dropping the bomb of curiosity that broke the entire deal, mercifully. As you see, he is married and straight. 

I do sympathize for those who can't have the liberty of being who they truly are due to livelihood. However, this is the kind of behavior that the haters feed upon their homophobia. This example is one of their theories about ruining families and the values. I just want to ask that this curiosity isn't worth the pain and risk of a marriage, and I will not be the one to supply your fix of male genitalia. 

Several days have passed since I left the conversation like as you see on the image. To this day, I haven't met him, nor have I been asked about the size of my girth and other organs. Good riddance, I say.

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